Accounting Guide

New national minimum wage rates

The National Minimum Wage rates from 1st October 2014 are as follows: Over 21 – £6.50 18 – 20 – £5.13 Under 18 – £3.79 Apprentice – £2.73 6th October – All employers with 10 or more employees, and all new businesses set up in the 2014-15 tax year must be up to date with their RTI […]

Workplace pensions

In the next few years all employers have the obligation to provide employees with a workplace pension scheme by law. Larger companies have already started ‘automatic enrolment’ which began October 2012. Each employer is allocated a staging date to which they must be ready to begin, smaller companies have until 2018. What is workplace pension? […]

Only 7 Days to HMRC Tax Deadline – 31st Jan 2014

How to Choose a Good Accountant

For a lot of entrepreneurs accounting is a necessary evil. And that is why decisions on the matter must be taken carefully. A good accountant can be a precious ally. The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to dedicate himself or herself to his business (customers, sales, products). But on the other hand, the owner […]

How to find a niche in the business?

Finding a niche market for your business means to find a product or service for a selected group of people and companies with similar, specific needs unmet by market products and services in bulk. Niche activity has great potential for development, provided that it grips the hearts of passers-by and investor portfolios. The key to success in […]

What form of business is best for you?

Starting a business in the UK is quick and relatively simple; more than 500,000 people a year start a business of their own. However, it is very important to choose a structure for your business. This structure will define your legal responsibilities, like: the paperwork you must fill in to get started the taxes you’ll […]

Top 7 Networking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in London

As London accountants, we get in touch with lots of local entrepreneurs. Running a business can feel lonely, but there’s plenty of chances to connect with like-minded people and network. Meeting new people and exposing oneself to new ideas is usually very beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to grow and go to “the next level”. […]


Running a business may seem difficult. There is so much to do that sometimes you may feel lost. That is why you need a well-designed plan describing every aspect of running your company: a business plan. What is actually a business plan? Business plan is a formal document required from business owners, especially by lending […]

Shoreditch, London’s Silicon Valley booming

  According to David Cameron, Shoreditchis the future for the country. 3 000 start-up came naturally in London. A light parallel can be drawn between the gold rush in Western America in the nineteenth century and the current boom in East London, a new Eldorado for start-ups. In both cases, it all started with an […]

All about Payslip

A small, but very important piece of paper that you should receive from your employer always on your payday. What information should be included and who should get it? As an employee you have a right to know how much you will earn and how often you will get the payment. You are also entitled […]