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Welcome to Target Accounting's Q&A Forum. The purpose of this discussion community is to provide solutions and answers to common questions about accounting, bookkeeping, company structure, startups and much more.

How this works

This forum is open to everyone but is also moderated. This means, when you post a question or answer, one of our moderators will review your answer to ensure it fits with you quality guidelines. This means no spam, no hidden links and no hidden agendas. What we want is a community which assists each other to find real solutions for their business, finances and accounting.

Getting started

To get the ball rolling all you have to do is hit the big "Ask Question" button on the top right of this page. Or go to the question submission form here.

In giving your question a title, try keep it short and simple. Example, "Are there any benefits for Ltd company owners who have 3 children?". Then in the large description box, you can expand on your question with whatever you want to help viewers or Target's accountants to answer you.





Thanks for the tips!

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