Cash Flow Management Services

Cash Flow Management is pivotal to the success of strategies and business objectives of organizations. Getting the predictions right is crucial and is tethered to the dimension of time. Predictions and actions that are pursuant to predictions need to be commenced and concluded in a window, a timeframe, beyond which actions will be of little or no use.

We offer clients the advantage of accurate and advanced cash flow management services that are presented at just the right time for the predictions to be useful. We lend businesses the competitive edge with professional accounting expertise which combines with advanced tools, to present inputs that make a huge difference in routine and strategic decisions.

Our services include:

  • Cash Flow Reports – Daily reports on Sales& Expenses
  • Payables and Receivables Reports
  • Reconciliation – Bank Statements, Cards
  • Risk Management& Mitigation Reports
  • Cash Flow – Budgeting, Prediction &Planning
  • Fraud Control Management
  • Electronic fund transfer system
  • Contract Negotiations


Our Cash Flow Management Services offer clients with a host of information including the following:

  • Predict cash flow needs that are likely to occur in the business
  • Chalk out a plan to understand the most suitable source for meeting cash flow requirements
  • Have a contingency plan in place to meet urgent requirements by maintaining a healthy liaison with creditors to get a line of credit on priority
  • Developing a cash flow projection which will identify and predict cash flow requirements of different durations.
  • Draw up a strategy to meet emerging cash flow requirements as per the projections
  • Record of cash flow statements which help in understanding more about the flow of cash in the past for various requirements
  • Methods and effective techniques for speeding up the cash collection
  • Learn more about payment policies that have proven to be most conducive to cash flow requirements in the past
  • Receive the best possible rate of return on cash that remains idle between requirements, by working on a strategy to take advantage of the accurate cash flow projections and predictions


The financial health of a business hinges to a large extent on the manner in which the accounts is organised. A business needs to be in the know about cash flow and also needs to have a strategy in place to meet exigent demands. Cash flow projection, strategy and organised accounts are components that need to complement each other in ca business to achieve greater financial health.

With a team of the most brilliant minds in accounting, we have number crunchers and statistical experts who help clients to chart their cash flows from historical data and from developments. This helps clients to chalk out strategies that will help in meeting requirements, and handling liquid resources in a manner that will ensure that the best rate of returns can be fetched during the gaps when the resources may not be required.