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At Target Accounting, we offer specialist property tax and accounting services to ensure that investments do not increase exposure to liabilities.

With extensive experience in regulations, provisions and permissible exemptions in tax laws, we are best equipped to handle all property tax and accounting issues.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Experts – SDLT Review and Refunds

We advice Individuals, Landlords, Companies, Solicitors, Non-residents and other professionals.

  • Claim back additional 3% SDLT surcharge paid to HMRC
  • Multiple Dwellings Relief (MDR)
  • Reducing SDLT for property developers and builders
  • Transfer of property on liquidation of companies
  • Dealing with HMRC enquiries
  • Advising non-resident individuals and companies
  • SDLT on ‘mixed use’ properties
  • SDLT on leases
  • Transfers Involving divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership

Our Expertise straddles tax laws, including the following:

Stamp duty & land tax (SDLT)

income tax

Value added tax

Inheritance tax


Buy To Let Special Purpose Vehicles


Landlord Scheme

Our success stems from our approach in assisting clients to minimise exposure to tax liabilities by availing legitimate and permissible tax reliefs and relying on advanced tax planning strategies.

Our in-depth knowledge of the sector gives us a deep understanding of issues related and relevant to investments, such as the needs for funding, the objectives behind strategic acquisitions, and obligations of landowners.

This additional expertise gives us greater inputs to assist clients in dealing with circumstances in the best way possible, without harming business interests.

Our services are designed to assist clients acquire and deal in properties while keeping exposure to the following five taxes as low as possible, in a manner that is legitimate and permissible, by availing specific reliefs.


Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax

Value Added Tax

Stamp Duty Land
Tax (SDLT)

Incorporation Relief

Land Remediation
Tax Relief

Business Premises
Renovation Allowances

One of the areas where our advice is most sought after is restructuring of ownership and strategic decisions when it comes to handling assets and the tax that it attracts as a result. Our expertise helps clients in planning property tax better, assisting in the screening of agreements and all commercial arrangements to make a meaningful impact on reduction of liabilities. As leading experts on VAT, we are aware of its implications and overarching effects on property affairs, which helps us to guide clients negotiate VAT laws smoothly. Clients seem largely unaware of what constitutes Capital Gains and the tax it attracts.

This requires a careful interpretation, and our knowledge of CGT has helped clients take an informed decision on disposal of properties, including spreading it over different tax years. The structuring of financing options impacts the financial health of entities, and our advise has helped clients plan financing options better. Property affairs come with considerable statutory requirements and at Target Accounting we offer complete solutions to take care of statutory requirements in addition to planning.

Many property owners are largely unaware of the ramifications of Section 24, and grope in the dark for a solution. At Target Accounting we have helped clients sidestep the tax surge arising out of reduction in reliefs, by choosing a company incorporation route and modifying the beneficiary claim ratio as permitted by law.

This is of great relevance as hundreds of thousands of property owners will slowly experience the effects of increasing tax exposure due to the phased withdrawal of reliefs through Section 24 of the Finance Act.

Why pay more tax when legally permissible options exist?
Let us help you remain compliant, while keeping your liabilities at the lowest possible levels.

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