Tax Returns & Refunds

A tax return and refund service is available for organizations and companies. For each accounting period, all entities liable for Corporation Tax have to file a Company Tax Return, even in the case they haven’t made taxable profits.

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Tax Refunds

Target Accounting services will help you claim tax refunds. Your Corporation Tax repayment can be paid immediately or be carried forward to the bill for the next accounting period. Our accountants will carry out the specific paperwork to get this done.

Tax advisers in London

Why should your company pay more? Every year there are millions of unclaimed tax refunds. This does not happen only in London or in the United Kingdom, but all over the world. That is why smart businessmen hire tax specialists to make sure not to overpay and save on taxes.

How much will you pay?

Corporation Tax rates differ according to the size and the turnover of your business. A variety of factors must be taken into account. Small Profits Rate (20%) can be claimed by companies with profits not exceeding £300,000 (2012). Our experienced tax advisers will guide you and make you aware of the constantly evolving sector terminology. For instance:

Small Profits Rate
(former Small Companies’ Rate)

Standard fraction
(former Marginal Small Companies’ Relief fraction)

Ring fence fraction
(former Marginal Small Companies’ Relief fraction)

Marginal Relief
(formerMarginal Small Companies’ Relief)