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If your company supplies products or services in the UK and your turnover of taxable goods is more than the £77,000 threshold, you have to register for VAT. Registration is compulsory also in the case you are taking over from someone else a VAT-registered business.

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Your VAT taxable turnover

Unless the goods/services you supply are exempt from VAT, their value is included in your taxable turnover. Not only does it include sales, but also goods/services you barter/exchange. One thing you should never do is the so-called “Artificial Separation”, namely the attempt to avoid VAT registration by separating your business activities to reduce the final turnover.

London VAT accountants

Target Accounting provides experienced financial accountants based in London who can help new companies with their VAT registration and all HMRC related paperwork. Our tax advisers and specialists will also help your business find a long-term strategy to optimize tax expenses.

VAT registration cases

Other cases exist in which VAT registration is compulsory:

  • Your company is receiving goods from other EU countries with over £77,000 total value per year;
  • Your company is supplying goods/services to other countries
  • Your company is supplying goods/services to the UK from other countries


For more information from HMRC on VAT registration, visit out accounting resources page.