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Accountants UK HealthCare Professionals

Healthcare accountants in the UK play a crucial role in assisting healthcare professionals with managing their finances effectively. These skilled professionals provide expert advice and tailored financial solutions to support the unique needs of healthcare providers. From managing tax obligations to ensuring compliance with accounting standards, healthcare accountants offer peace of mind and allow healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional care to their patients. With their expertise and dedication, healthcare accountants are valuable partners in helping healthcare professionals navigate the financial complexities of their industry.


Accountants for UK Healthcare Professionals

In the UK, medical professionals including dentists, consultants, hospital doctors, GPs, locums, surgeons, as well as in some cases nurses, midwives, and other specialists and non-specialists in the medical field, ‒ may work for themselves or receive remuneration through the PAYE system.

Some work through an agency or through their own limited company or receive their salary through the PAYE system of the organisation for which they work as well as earning other income by running a private medical practice. It is essential to be aware of the pitfalls as well as the benefits of working in private practice as a healthcare professional, whether through a limited company full time, or part-time alongside a PAYE salary.

What is meant by medical accounting?

Healthcare Accounting is primarily an accounting that is concerned with collecting and reporting financial data about medical organisations. Financial report preparation is performed by professional accountants and tax experts in the medical profession.

HealthCare Accounting Services

Specialist medical accountants will keep you informed of all the changes that affect compliance as well as ensuring that all the income you work hard to earn works extremely hard for you too.

Target Accounting is one such specialist healthcare accountant, but while it is one among many, it is virtually unique in its approach to delivering services that come with a no-penalties, and complete satisfaction guarantee, Saturday opening, no limit on its helpline services, and full range of free cloud bookkeeping and accounting software, to name but some of the many benefits. We appreciate that the approach to taxation and accounts for healthcare professionals needs individual, focussed attention to help minimise specific challenges among this sector of the UK professional workforce.

For example, We can advise on practice premises transactions, concerns over stamp duty for instance, look after your payroll tax returns, help you wheel out workplace pensions, and so on. The BMA provides useful advice about some of the complexities of running a practice in terms of compliance, and their Setting up in Private Practice guide is very useful with regard to what you should consider before doing so.


Accountants for UK HealthCare Industry

The tax authorities

Among the most highly qualified healthcare professionals ‒ GPs, specialist doctors, dentists, and surgeons, for example ‒ a prospective liability of tax at 40% or 45% is the expectation. Trying to avoid declaring income is a definite no-no; there is no point, especially when there are some compliant means to pay less tax without resorting to aggressive avoidance that could land you in trouble, and particularly in light of recent HMRC tactics to crack down on undeclared income by healthcare professionals.

For example, in 2010, HMRC launched a campaign encouraging doctors and other medical professionals to declare their unpaid tax. The campaign raised total revenue of more than £64 million. Bear in mind also that over the last five to eight years, HMRC has grown in power and is able to demand “bulk” information from businesses or government agencies. When in 2008 HRMC started homing in on the medical profession, it acquired information from NHS trusts, private hospitals, and specialist medical and insurance companies to test suspicions that practitioners were failing to declare fees for consultations, medical examinations, and other services.

Tax rebates

There are specific tax rebates for healthcare workers that should definitely be exploited. Across the healthcare profession, many workers are eligible to claim extra tax relief for expenses incurred as part of their job. This element of tax relief alone can add up to hundreds of pounds. It can only be reclaimed by submitting a claim to HMRC, so if you haven’t done so, you should do immediately, and remember that you can backdate the claim for the last four years.

Uniform-cleaning allowance

If you wear a uniform for work and launder it yourself, you can claim a flat-rate tax allowance every year for the cost of cleaning your uniform. The amount depends on your occupation, but can amount to as much as £100 a year without any need to provide receipts or any proof of the actual costs.

Shoes and stockings/tights allowance

An allowance of £12 per year can be claimed if you are required to wear special types of shoes (e.g. non-slip) in the workplace. If you are required to wear stockings/tights/socks of a particular colour, then you can claim additional tax relief of £6 per year.


HealthCare Industry Tax & Accounting

Exam fees & professional fees and subscriptions

Following an agreement between the Royal College of Surgeons and HMRC, trainee surgeons, contracted as speciality or core trainees, and who pay the MRCS exam fees themselves, are now allowed to claim tax relief on exam fees. You can also claim 20% of the cost of fees to professional bodies or unions such as Unison, RCN, NMC, HCPC, or SSSC. Likewise, if you pay professional indemnity insurance (i.e. Medical Protection Society) you can claim tax relief on these costs annually.

Mileage allowance relief

You can claim the scale rates for mileage if you use your own car for work-related journeys or to attend professional courses. If a colleague travels with you, there is a further allowance of 5p per mile. Check the HMRC scale rates and note that they do change from time to time. At present, you can claim up to 45p per mile for each business journey you make – for example, if you pay visits to patients at home. If you receive less than 45p per mile for from your employer, you can claim tax relief on the difference from HMRC.

Equipment purchase

For any equipment bought solely for work purposes you are entitled to make a claim for the cost; usually proof of purchase evidence is required, so maintaining records is essential. See how easy Nomi ‒ our bookkeeping and accounting software on the cloud ‒ makes saving receipts: watch the video.

Incorporation expenses

Expenses involved during incorporation of a business can be claimed back for up to seven years before the company started up providing that they were incurred wholly and exclusively in the course of setting up company for which the expenses are being claimed.

Healthcare professionals are you aware of the plethora of tax changes for 2016/17 and all the many tax-planning opportunities open to you? We ensure that healthcare professionals exploit all opportunities to lower their tax liability compliantly in every respect, whichever way they work.

FAQs - Why Do You Need HealthCare Accountants

Healthcare accountants in the UK play a crucial role in assisting healthcare professionals with managing their finances effectively, offering expert advice and tailored financial solutions.

Healthcare accountants provide support in managing tax obligations, ensuring compliance with accounting standards, and offering financial advice to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers.

Working with healthcare accountants provides peace of mind for healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional care to their patients while their finances are expertly managed.

Healthcare accountants offer a range of financial services including tax planning, budgeting, financial reporting, and compliance with accounting regulations tailored to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare accountants undergo continuous professional development to stay abreast of the latest healthcare financial regulations and industry trends.

Yes, healthcare accountants can assist healthcare providers with financial forecasting to help them make informed decisions for the future of their practices.

Yes, healthcare accountants work with both individual healthcare professionals such as doctors and dentists, as well as healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, and healthcare agencies.

Healthcare professionals can find a reliable healthcare accountant by seeking recommendations from peers, conducting online research, and verifying the accountant’s credentials and experience.

Yes, healthcare accountants are well-versed in the specific financial challenges faced by the healthcare industry, allowing them to provide targeted financial solutions for healthcare providers.

By offering expert financial guidance, ensuring compliance with regulations, and providing strategic financial planning, healthcare accountants contribute to the overall efficiency and success of healthcare practices in the UK.

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