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All You Need To Know About A Registered Office

All You Need To Know About A Registered Office

All You Need To Know About A Registered Office

Setting up a registered office is an important part of your limited company. When you register such a company, you are asked for your business address, service address and a registered office address as per the Companies Act of 2006. You need to know the difference between the three addresses and the legal aspects associated with them. Here is good read on Differences between Registered Office Address (ROA), Service Address, and Business Address

Here, you will learn all about a registered office. Let us check the details out one by one!

Define A Registered Office Address

As the name suggests, it is the ‘official’ address of your limited company where you will receive all the legal correspondence. This includes important notices and letters from HMRC, the courts, Companies House, Government Gateway, Department of Works and Pensions etc. Hence, having a registered address is a legal requirement for all limited companies since 2006.

This address should be a real address available in the UK and should appear on the official Companies House website. In addition to that, it is a legal requirement for this address to appear on all official correspondences with the clients and your business cards, stationary etc.

Hence, you must not use your home address for this purpose if you don’t want it to appear publicly everywhere.

Legal Requirements For Having A Registered Office

Once you decide the address you want to choose for your registered office, you need to make sure that it meets all the legal requirements. Let us check out these requirements one by one!

  • It should be a real address in the country where you have registered your company. Therefore, if your company is registered in England, you must have the registered office address based in England. You cannot even have it in other member countries of the UK such as Scotland.
  • You are also legally obliged to display your company name outside of your registered office. In case there are many companies within a building, you need to put up the name of your company at the entrance. However, there can be an exception if you use your home address as your registered address.
  • Additionally, you are supposed to use this address in the invoices, business cards, stationery, email signatures etc.

Addresses That Can Be Used For The Registered Office

As you can see, the registered office is an important address. Therefore, you must choose a perfect location for it and think about it carefully before finalizing it. There are many options from which you can select the right one that works perfectly for your business. You just need to make sure that it meets all the legal requirements. Companies House offers you the following options:

  • Address of your accountant
  • Address of your solicitor
  • Your home address
  • One of the registered office services offered by business centres, secretarial firms and company formation agents
  • Commercial or Non-residential premises from where you plan to operate your business
  • Any address (residential or non-residential) that permits you to use it

You also have the option of using a PO Box as your registered office address, but it must fulfil the following requirements:

  • The full address of the building where the PO Box is located must be included along with the Postal code.
  • It must be a verified address by the Royal Mail’s Postcode as well as the Address Finder
  • Someone must be physically present at the address to receive the mails for the business

You always have the option to change your registered address in the future as long as you take permission from Companies House. Once they agree to the address change, they can forward the details of the new address to HMRC. However, in case of the changes, you need to update the new address everywhere, including the business cards, the website, the email signatures and all other important places.

However, it is always better to think it through before choosing a registered address for your company.

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