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Local Accountants May Not Be Your Best Option

Local Accountants May Not Be Your Best Option

local businessHaving your accountant just down the road from you may be convenient, but convenience is not the goal of an accountant. The argument comes into play after interviewing many business owners who were on the hunt for a new accountant in London and were forfeiting quality for location.

What is an accountants job?

Accountants must adhere to certain ethics. This means a responsibility for the client to use due diligence in dealing with all records, tax submissions, accuracy of reports and most importantly — acting at all times in the client’s interest.

How to choose the right accountant

  • Here are some tell-tale signs which will assist you greatly in your hunt for a good local account.
  • Do they understand your business structure, legally and organisationally on first discussion?
  • Are they proactive in their thinking to assist you in expanding your business or do they just want your business?
  • Can they pop off 5 or 10 tax breaks or benefits which you can implement right away from hearing about how you are setup?
  • Are they interested in your business model at all?
  • Do they require you to do all the work or will they be providing you support for bookkeeping etc?
  • Can they rapidly recommend ways of cutting costs which will be beneficial right now?

Location doesn’t play a big part in it

When you are saving thousands of pounds (or tens or hundreds of thousands) through intelligent accounting guidance, the fact that your accountant isn’t local doesn’t have much bearing.

Look for an accountant who cares about you, your financial health and your business model and you will have the help you need to focus on building your company.

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