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Top 7 Networking Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in London

business networkingAs London accountants, we get in touch with lots of local entrepreneurs. Running a business can feel lonely, but there’s plenty of chances to connect with like-minded people and network. Meeting new people and exposing oneself to new ideas is usually very beneficial for entrepreneurs who want to grow and go to “the next level”. We have a prepared a list of the top networking opportunities in London for UK business owners. You can pick the one that suits you better and connect with people in your sector.

1. Entrepreneurs in London

Entrepreneurs In London  London  England    Meetup

Their name says everything: if you are looking for the chance to connect with entrepreneurs in London, this is the perfect group. This is the #1 Business and Career Meetup in Europe, and they host events on a wide variety of topics that help people start or improve their business. Check their Meetup page and join their next event to learn more.

Go to their Meetup page

Their events include:

  • Business Workshops (PR, Funding, Strategy etc.)
  • Networking events
  • Seminars

2. Women in Business Conference

women in business club

With thousands of attendees and 13 successful editions, Women in Business is probably the top european business conference for women. The WIB club aims at empowering women in their professional pursuits and provides networking, recruitment and personal development opportunities. A different theme each year (2013 was the year of “change”).

Visit Women in Business Club site

Past conferences’ panels:

  • Launching a Business and Staying the Course
  • Creativity and Innovation in Today’s Changing Business World
  • What is Female Leadership?

3. Business Networking London

Business Networking London  London  England    Meetup

Ideal for businessmen who want to expand their network and connect with potential partners, investors and clients. Business Networking London organized over 40 events and hosts meetups on topics of interest to entrepreneurs. Check their page to learn more and start networking.

Go to their Meetup page

Previous meetups on:

  • Multimedia Networking
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Social Networks

4. London Business Starters

London Business Starters  London  England    Meetup

They will help you “start, develop and run” your business. A lively community focused on starting projects, this successful Meetup group is the perfect platform for people who want to turn their big ideas into sustainable businesses and investors who are looking for networking opportunities. If you are looking for funding, make sure to check out their latest events.

Go to their Meetup page

Past events:

  • Pitch Events
  • Mentoring Schemes
  • Education on Fundraising

5. Open Coffee

OpenCoffee Meetup  London  England    Meetup

Sometimes you just need to have a cup of coffee with like-minded people. Entrepreneurs looking for informal ways to connect with other starters should check out Open Coffee Meetup in London. Their weekly meetups started in 2007 and are still very active today. Visit the group and join their next event.

Go to their Meetup page

Group reviews:

  • “Lovely informal relaxed business meetup”
  • “A useful way to stimulate ideas, and to meet interesting entrepreneurs”
  • “Always great conversations”

6. Online Marketing Network

Online Marketing Network   London  London  England    Meetup

No matter what industry you are in, the Internet is a powerful platform for you to spread your message, services and products. If you want to learn more about online marketing, OMN London is the perfect opportunity to have a drink with bloggers, web strategists and other entrepreneurs. There’s more: their events are on a ship!

Go to their Meetup page

Recent meetups:

  • The psychology of shareable content
  • Lessons in Lean Marketing
  • Building brand communities

7. Young Entrepreneurs in London

Young Entrepreneurs in London  London  England    Meetup

If you are under the age of 35 and looking for inspiration, support and a network of people like you, Young Entrepreneurs in London is a great way to learn more about starting a successful business or improving your existing one. When it comes to business, young age can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Join this recently founded Meetup Group to learn more.

Go to their Meetup page

They talk about:

  • Mentorship for young entrepreneurs
  • Social networking
  • High tech startups


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